January 20, 2011

This is Isabelle.

She is my amazing new studio manager (as well as next-door neighbor, violin-piano concerto partner, fellow cat-owner and new, dear friend!)

Isabelle started second-shooting for me in September of last year and has since become an invaluable part of managing my business. If you're having an album designed, Isabelle will be behind the scenes! She is full of ideas. More on Isabelle to come.

Here's 5 random things she said:

+ I have large teeth.
+ I often have to stop myself from singing in public places.
+ I'd like to visit every continent, yes Antarctica!
+ I went to Hong Kong while is was still under Brit rule.
+ Could probably eat spaghetti with tomato sauce every day?

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Claire says:

Yay ISabelle! I like that girl! She thinks she has such big teeth, but she really just has a good ol smile (and a small palatte). BEAUTIFUL picture taking of her, Lauren! She looks absolutely lovely!

(02.05.11 @ 06:07 PM)
Juliet says:

large teeth? please!
i love them and her smile! she is the one of the most fun, nice people i know! i heart her entire family.

(02.06.11 @ 09:47 AM)
Claire says:

Photographers rule!

(02.13.11 @ 04:39 PM)