March 20, 2009
shooting outside windsor castle with jason groupp...

DSC_5890 2.jpg

DSC_5944 2.jpg

poor freezing models :)

DSC_6002 2.jpg

DSC_6059 2.jpg

DSC_6154 2.jpg

the ben chrisman flexing his picture-taking muscles.


DSC_6316 2.jpg

new friends!

DSC_6494 2.jpg


DSC_6424 2.jpg

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deanna lowery says:

the lighting on the first is straight up amazingly amazing

(04.14.09 @ 06:07 PM)
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still in england!... and having an incredible time.

DSC_6256 small.jpg DSC_6366 4.jpg

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March 9, 2009
Just a short one... I'm in London, rendez-vous-ing (never seen that expression spelled out as an Americanized version!) with my good friend, Kate, whom I haven't seen for the past year and a half. She's been serving in the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan (former Soviet Union), so we had some serious catching-up to do!

DSC_5432 2.jpg

DSC_5487 2.jpg

DSC_5421 3.jpg

DSC_5634 2.jpg

And a nice touristy shot, of course. :)

DSC_5510 2.jpg

DSC_5580 3.jpg

And now I'm in Windsor, just starting out on my first day of a workshop with Ben Chrisman, Jason Groupp and DQ Studios... yay!

The outside of our hotel last night reminded me of an eerie Gregory Crewdson scene.

DSC_5683 2.jpg

So much to learn, so much to shoot! Hopefully another update will be coming soon with some shots at Windsor Castle.

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sarah tinkler says:

beautiful pictures! i lovelovelove the one of you kissing kate on the cheek. reunions between old friends are always so lovely.

(03.09.09 @ 07:22 AM)
Josh says:

i hope you know how good you really are.

(03.10.09 @ 05:27 PM)
Dani says:

Yeah, she's amazing. Everyone I show her work to is in awe.

(03.19.09 @ 02:02 PM)
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(WARNING: MONDO photo post. Sit down and be prepared. And this is just the condensed version!)

I spent an incredible couple of weeks in Guatemala this month, and don't know where to begin describing the beauty of that country. My friends, Jenny and Katharine, moved there last year so I had the lucky opportunity of staying with them in Antigua. My jaw dropped the second I walked inside their house -- it's built around a courtyard, so every time you step outside your room, you're surrounded by orange trees and cats and a flowing fountain. We really felt like we were in the 1920s -- maybe in a setting Ernest Hemingway would have created for himself.

Here's my boyfriend, Josh, in the bright red stairwell leading upstairs.


This is Jenny, sitting at Cafe Sky (the perfect place for sunsets), overlooking Antigua.

DSC_2636 2.jpg

I don't condone smoking, but I do condone making creepy faces (and having a glass of mezcal). Jenny helped me shoot this at Cafe No Se.


We all went to Lake Atitlan for a couple of days (where I experienced my first bout of the "gringo sickness" -- all better now, though), and then took a boat over to the Mayan market at Chichicastenango -- ChiChi for short.










Some friends we made near the lake house:


(next two photos by Jenny and Josh... nice work :)

DSC_3032 2.jpg


We stopped in Santiago, where the Mayans were especially shy of having their photo taken -- the people in this town were in the middle of some brutal civil wars only about 20 years ago.

DSC_3046 2.jpg

DSC_3055 2.jpg


The Mayan pyramind ruins at Tikal were beautiful and eerie... completely entrenched in the middle of the rain forest. My photos can't do it justice. The best part was trekking around in the rain all day in our yellow raincoats and pretending we were archaelogists... :) And seeing spider monkeys!




Back in Antigua, Jenny and I spent a day walking around and shooting together.  This is us seen from the street in the laundry room mirror.


DSC_3337 2.jpg


DSC_3557 2.jpg

DSC_3727 2.jpg

DSC_3686 2.jpg

DSC_3729 2.jpg

DSC_3322 2.jpg

DSC_3670 2.jpg

DSC_3731 2.jpg

DSC_3699 2.jpg

DSC_3730 2.jpg

DSC_3762 2.jpg

DSC_3753 2.jpg

DSC_3697 2.jpg

DSC_3737 2.jpg




(these two photos again by Jenny and Josh... maybe I should start bringing Josh to help at weddings? :)

DSC_3374 2.jpg



A family I made friends with in the market... I'm sending them this photo:


And I've got to throw in a few photos of Jenny & Katharine's cats! Unfortunately, there were no firemen to call to get Charlie out of this tree... we finally coaxed him down.


DSC_2469 2.jpg

Sacrificing myself by way of sword (Josh's idea... seemed to make sense at this particular ruin)


All right, better stop now -- or I never will!
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Dani says:

Lauren, these are absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see more. Note to self: must try mezcal

(01.23.09 @ 06:24 PM)
Josh says:

My girlfriend, the incredible photographer: truly.

(01.24.09 @ 06:52 AM)
Phil says:

Incredible photos that would give even the most hardened couch potato a cronic case of travel bug. My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'd like to point out a detail, if I might be so bold, regarding your picture with Jenny in the laundry room mirror: that mirror is actually in a unisex beauty salon. The laundry room is 25 meters down the road. Should I use this as an excuse to go myself, just so I can take a couple pictiures of the laundry room and complete your photo album for you?

(01.27.09 @ 06:27 PM)
Jenny Jozwiak says:

Hey Lauren! Great work! Thanks for sharing....glad you and Josh had a great time....we loved having you! Keep April in mind ok? Hey and dont forget to put up that Hopper shot I took of you! Miss you! Jenny in Antigua

(01.29.09 @ 01:19 PM)
Amy Hand says:

Lauren, your photos are beautiful and inspiring. You're amazing!!!

(01.30.09 @ 03:15 PM)
Alli says:

Lauren--these photos are incredible! I especially love how you captured the multicolored Guatemalan fabrics, which are so indicative of the place. Ed and I have to go back there. Thanks for sharing.

(02.04.09 @ 02:32 PM)
Danielle Heming says:

Lauren, these photos are great! I especially really like the cat and the monkey in the trees. Great work!

(03.19.09 @ 06:05 AM)
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January 20, 2009
it must be incredibly hard to share your work and philosophy live in front of hundreds of other photographers.

but it must be harder to keep both the confidence in remembering why you've been chosen to stand there, but also the humility you need in order to say something true. great photographers are made up of equal parts confidence and humility, i think.

i was most moved by ben chrisman (who is, if any brides or grooms are wondering, the photographer i would like to hire at my own wedding, should marriage ever hover o'er my horizon :)

i don't want to poorly or incorrectly paraphrase him, but it resonated so clearly with me when he talked about believing in patience, believing in belief itself, and accepting things as they already are. (and also how the fear of messing up is what can drive you! -- it certainly drives me. i love the nervous excitement i feel before photographing a wedding.)

in the end, it wasn't really about what ben was saying aloud -- because he actually SHOWED, rather than TOLD his ideas, which is what i also strive to do.

photography is magic. so is life. 

I'm glad I was there. :)

(i was pretty intent on just listening, but i did grab a few photos)


walter van dusen doing a demonstration and then (below) drawing the album-winning lottery ticket.


DSC_3874 2.jpg

Anne Ruthmann's upbeat presentation had about 10 photographers singing Grease via karaoke. Got a little crazy. I think she even leg-wrestled someone!


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Walter van Dusen says:

Thank you very much for attending Mystic 4. If Ben is booked for your future wedding, please consider me as your second choice ;-) Hope you can make it to Mystic 5. Have a great 2009, Walter

(01.23.09 @ 10:19 PM)
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