.about me.
hi! i'm lauren. i'm a 24-year old people-photographer living in brooklyn, new york.
i write lots of letters but have trouble actually sending
them. i don't like to wear
shoes. my hair used to be far too long. i am 6'1". i saw
amsterdam this summer.
i've kept a journal since 1993 (and have yet to destroy the
most incriminating
volumes). i eat cheez-its every day. i danced in the street when 
obama won the
election.  i shoot lots of fun weddings and blog about them here!

July 5, 2009
always the most beautiful. happy fourth of july!

DSC_2128 3.jpg DSC_2117 2.jpg

for photo people, just had to add:
ISO 6400, f 2.8, handheld 1/20th of a second

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