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Underwater Photography in Austin

I’m so excited to offer underwater sessions and work with more folks who want to celebrate feeling good in their bodies. This is for everyone. 

Mother and daughter Victoria and Brenda, who sought help for dozens of neighboring residents at their senior living center.

Austin in the Winter Storm: Stories of Resilience

At its worst, over 5 million people were without power in freezing temperatures, some for more than 3 days. I felt called to report on some of the incredible stories of devastation and inspiration. I hope this project demonstrates their strength of character, inspires support for ADRN, and illustrates the consequences of the state’s negligence.

Austin in the Winter Storm: Sheila’s Story

“It’s better when we help each other… You’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll feel stronger and you’ll have a can-do attitude.”

Austin in the Winter Storm: Levi’s Story

Thinking back on his empty, evacuated apartment, where water marks on the walls reached as high as four feet, Levi felt sure that everything would have been destroyed by the water.

Leah (right) with her wife, Karen (left), at home in North Austin.

Interview with Leah Muse, Austin Wedding Photographer

Leah Muse is a wonderfully funny and straightforward Austin-based wedding photographer of 12 years, wife and mom. I spoke with her about work life during Covid, business changes, our photography styles, and what she’s learned over the years. We shared our conversation over a front yard picnic of Rose and Sour Straws.

Purple Botanical Series

I’ve had time recently to ponder how my approach might have been different had I studied photography in an art department, rather than journalism. What can I learn by practicing with a different ethic in mind?

Making Heidi Sloan’s Campaign Portraits

Last July, I was thrilled to learn that Heidi Sloan was running for Congress. I reached out to volunteer my photography services to her campaign, and she wrote back right away.